About Amayah

Spiritual name of Angela Hendrickson

In the Appalachia, there is folklore, which describes babies born with the veils covering the eyes and when it is present, they are always “Seers.”  I was born with the veils covering my eyes and I was fully conscious at my birth in Tennessee.  I am of Native, French, Scot-Irish & German descent.  Later it would be made known to me, that both my Scottish maternal grandmother was a Seer & Healer, and my Native paternal great-grandmother was a Seer.

An Arch Angel that protects me appeared at the foot of my bed as a huge male lion at 7:00 a.m. on the morning of May 7, 1995.  We stared at each other for about 7 minutes; then he just slowly faded from view.  Later I would learn that his name was Ariel, which means, “Lion of God.”  My Teachings (remembrance) would encompass; Seeing, Healing and Ancient Knowledge of both the Earth & the Universes.

One of the Spiritual Masters said, “It is a part of you, not separate from you.”

I have been completely spiritually taught by many Christ and many Arch Angels, Teachers, Masters and Goddesses; of Service to the Light.

As I was instructed; I am to teach, as I have already been taught.

I remember who I am, and why I chose to come again.