July 2013 Newsletter

As a Seer and Celestial Channel, I have had the honor of using my special gift to work with many different individuals to channel their “past life” experiences their Soul still retains in its memory.  Below is the information that was received for (T), starting with the first poem.

Reverend George Graham Price whose spiritual name was Frater Achad stated in the book of the Ancient Mystical White Brotherhood, “It has been erroneously said that this opening of oneself to be used as a channel, could lead to obsession by some astral, earthbound soul. He who is dedicated to God, spiritual and pure in consciousness, with unselfish motives in his thinking, has nothing to fear of any obsession. The Brotherhood will not stand idly by and see this happen. There is nothing to fear of the discarnate soul. It is the soul still incarnate in the flesh that needs to be guarded against. Like attracts like, the magnet of love attracts love; the forces of hatred and contempt attract destruction in a human being, by focusing his attention to it consciously or unconsciously. According to their desire and their free will, it will be done.”

This reading was given to (T) in the Spirit Group meeting of January 29, 2008 (4).

“The Sun will shine

Through the Eyes

To bring about

The Northern Skies

The knowledge you have

Plays a part

Within the Group

So you may start

To sing the song

The Ages told

Of the time

When you were bold

The words did give

Of Time you saw

How the world

Conformed to the Time.”

AG:  (T)  “Your Mayan past and the knowledge that you have, has created in part, Duality.  The Mayan Time Lords are the Ones to create this field, which allows for those Souls to come to Earth to learn about Duality and how to rise above it.  These Time locks were put into place very long ago, at a time when you were apart of this creation.  In order for you to bring this memory in, you must focus on the information that is given and to go down into your Heart Space to retrieve it, and then you’ll understand how you used the Earth’s Magnetic Field to create this Sphere of Time and what we know as Time.  Do you understand this?  But you know it within your Heart and that’s what must be activated.  You have to allow yourself again to completely feel, because as you allow yourself to completely feel, it will open up your Heart Chakra, which will reveal this beginning.  This is how you will see your True Self and this will be revealed.”

“The Truth be told

It will unfold

For you to hear and see

The knock, knock, knock

At the Door we give

Open and allow the Light

And Breathe.”

AG:  (T)  “You do know this Breath, for it’s the Breath of God.  You know him as Spirit and the Spirit of him resides within you.  Connect to this Channel and he will completely Enlighten you.”

What does your Soul wish to speak of?  What does your Soul want to heal?  Through Meditation and Awareness, you can open to receive the Light of God, so that God can enlighten you.  What are you waiting for?

-Angela Amayah


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