“We beseech you in the name of Christ to follow the Light Path that has been laid before you. It has been well traveled. There has been pain, but it is a worthy road. Only those that have the most exemplary attitude toward service can continue on this Path. You have great help, resources, & accoutrements. Now, take up your Cross and bear it, for it will be light. You are one of many to preserve the Truth. Don’t falter in your steps. Hold your shoulders and head erect. Know that we protect your back. Many have come this way before you, with high hopes. Some did not succeed. It’s important that you stay within your Heart Space for there you find Balance, Direction, Nourishment, and Calm. May Peace surround your ever activity. Pray for Peace within yourself first; then expand that to include the environment in which you live; your city, your state, your country and then the world, but Peace must first start within the very heart of each individual. Become the master of yourself. This isn’t dictated for you to do. Each one is brought here through encouragement, but they do not have to remain. If you feel the burden is too heavy, you can bow out. Know that you will not be looked upon any differently, for we love you all and know who you really are. Understand this.”


“Pure intent is the key to life’s mysteries. Gravitational pull akin to Celestial Movement; Paracelsus knew this concept. When attaining enlightenment, you must work with the Earth’s energies, because it pulls these emotions out of you, so that you can work on the things within the seven Chakras. They are the major seven, but there are many more, but you would know how to identify them by the seven. Many times we expect instantaneous results or gratification, but depending on how much are harbored within each Chakra, it may take a longer period of time to clear and cleanse. Many times we become discouraged when things aren’t happening fast enough. This is where prayer and meditation can help you to stay focused and stay in faith. Remember also, how it makes you feel when you do meditate; how calming that it is. It helps to calm your mind.”


“Pride has a way of eliminating future endeavors beyond our scope of reasoning and is detrimental to our health. Many actions are taken because of lack of knowledge. Points should be made to provide assimilation of targeting factors. Not all scope of reasoning can provide one, with the knowledge that is sought after. Begin to discern select opportunities. Energy is given to accomplish the task at hand. Awareness is a key factor in knowing what is important. To each, his own. Blessings be.”

“Produce Lines of Reason. Fulfillment of things given, have answers that go no where. Definite choices need to be examined and run through the Heart. Clear the Mind, clear the Heart; clear the Will. Align these (3) and you will have the correct answer. If in doubt, throw it out.”

“Forward thinking will manifest into direct relativity. Forward thinking requires letting go of past fears, that are limiting and that bind you. Forward thinking requires an open mind, for how else will you evolve. Do you push against the gate and push against the gate or do you open the gate and walk through? It is necessary that you learn in segments, because it is palatable. You are able to assimilate small amounts of knowledge and then gain the experience by putting the information into practice. Through the practice, wisdom will result. Have faith that all things will be brought about and made manifest for the glory of God. We, as God’s Servants and Messengers are here to assist you. You are not alone in this endeavor. All you have to do is call upon us and we will help to answer all of your questions. Not always do we answer the question directly, instead we may show you the answer through form. Some people can not learn through hearing. They have to learn through seeing and others through feeling. This is what makes each of you, an individual; unique in your own right, because of the experiences that you have had, through your many lifetimes. You were given a free will; a free will to act or to say no. We can help if you are desirous of wanting to learn about your home, about the heavens, about the mysteries. We will not overstep our bounds. It is not allowed. God grant you the dispensation to achieve what you are desirous of, as it aligns with his will. As we’ve stated before, it is imperative that you find peace within yourself, for when you have peace, the Mind is calm, the Heart is calm; the Soul is at ease. Do you see the wisdom in this? Sometimes we become exhausted when we push, and push, and push, up against the brick wall, instead of backing off and allowing it to come. And this is where acceptance takes place. If a particular method is not working, we have to stop and change our course.”