Divine – 1. of or like God or a god 2. given or inspired by God; holy; sacred

Feminine – 1. female; of women or girls

Goddess – 1. a female god 2. a woman greatly admired, as for her beauty.

Listed are some of the Goddesses that I work with:

  • Mother Goddess ADA
  • Alorah of the Tuatha De´ Danann, who was over the Temple Alorah in Atlantis
  • Athena
  • Artemis
  • Arias
  • Elana
  • Ma´at
  • Tara; whose new name is Lotus
  • Many others

The Goddesses should not be considered a part from those Gods; Sons of God that serve the Light. They are a part of the Divine equation. The Goddesses are the counterbalance to the male energy dynamic. They are the lunar energy; the receptive female energy to the male’s sun and outward thrust. The emanation of many of the Goddesses, are here now on Earth, to teach and to guide in this pivotal moment in Earth’s history.

As was stated to me:

“Affirm your divinity. Tranquility, flows like water through our Soul, the more that we tune into our Soul, the more tranquil we become. In remembering our Divinity, we remember our Self in its purest state. Seek not to divide your Self from the One.” ~Spirit


The Goddess consciousness is symbolized by the inverted Triangle of the Star of David; the Merkabah.

For the Divine Feminine, there are levels of Spiritual Teachings that the vibratory energy, which is the female must learn and master, in order to attain the next level in the Universe’s Melchizedek Order. Thus it is said, “Goddess after the Order of Melchizedek.”


“It is the Divine Feminine that is now necessary to bring into balance, the chaotic, patriarchal male energy that has gone astray. This Feminine energy will calm and soothe the beast.” “It is the Divine Complement to what has been, what is now, and what will be.” ~Spirit