“God’s name is written in the Stars, starting with Orion.”


“There are Keys in Melchizedek’s Name.”

The remembrance was brought back to me, to understand and to know this. It is now up to each individual to understand and to know this. Look to the Heavens, to Creator and receive the remembrance of what you need, in order to evolve.

Jesus, the Christ

“The Rose Light of Christ.”

John 14:26: But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you.

Sacred Seven

Chaldean numbers in order of appearance:

  • Galen (8)
  • Leedow (3)
  • Astronomus (6)
  • Uriah (6)
  • Elan (5)
  • Ada (6)
  • Julius (2)

“These are the Sacred Seven; the Seven that were on Atlantis, the Seven that Create the Light, that hold the Light, that monitor the Light. You are Children of the Light. This is encoded within your Soul, within your Spirit, within your Being. Learn to use the Light and its vibration, to illuminate your path, to illuminate your seeing, to clear your hearing and to discern your feeling.”

Equivalents for the numbers:

1 = A I J Q Y – SUN – Sunday

2 = B K R – MOON – Monday

3 = C G L S – JUPITER – Thursday

4 = D M T – URANUS

5 = E H N X – MERCURY – Wednesday

6 = U V W – VENUS – Friday

7 = O Z – NEPTUNE     

8 = F P – SATURN – Saturday

9 = MARS & PLUTO – Tuesday

Master Numbers

Find more at Solara here

Usually during times of heightened energy or accelerated personal change you will notice the 11:11 more frequently.

Seeing the Master Number 11:11 is ALWAYS a confirmation that you are on the right track.

You may also be triggered at times with other multiple Master Numbers. The Master Numbers are multiple numbers such as 11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, 88 & 99. These numbers belong to the Greater Reality which is the reality that is based on Oneness rather than duality.

11 = Birthing and anchoring the New.
22 = Building upon the New, Building New Lives and a New World.
33 = Universal Service through the quickening of our One Being.
44 = The balance between spiritual and physical, the reconfiguring of our evolutionary labyrinth. As Above, So Below. The creation of the foundation of our New Lives.
55 = Attaining personal freedom by being free of the past and totally real.
66 = Fulfilling our responsibilities in a joyful, creative manner.
77 = Profound insights and revelations. Honing ourselves to our Core Beings.
88 = Mastering of abundance and wholeness in all realms.
99 = The completion of a major evolutionary cycle. Time for another quantum leap.

Each Master Number is a level of initiation that we all must pass through in our evolutionary journey on Earth.

Sometimes, we may also be activated by super Master Numbers as: 111,222,333,444,555, etc. Each of these has a unique resonance which affects and activates us on deep cellular levels.


Read more about 11:11 from Mary Ellen at “Angel Scribe”


More from Rob in the Netherlands:

I had been practicing the Merkaba meditation now for almost one and a half year. This I had learned from a facilitator from The Flower of Life which, as an ancient secret and very powerful meditation, has been brought back to earth by Drunvalo Melchizedek. According to Drunvalo the numbers have the following meaning and in these final times will repeatedly show up in our lives because of the process we have to go through. Here they are:

Three or more of the same number (digital clock 2:22, 11:11, etc.)
111: Energy flow * Enhancing whatever level you are presently in *

111 or 1111 – Energy flow of water, money, sex, Kundalini, magnetic – It happens when one of these energies manifests.

222 or 2222 – In the middle of the process of resurrection or the process of ascension.

333 or 3333 – A decision number. Either one of the following can happen: 666 = material world or 999 = spiritual world.

444 or 4444 – The Resurrection number.

555 or 5555 – Christ consciousness

666 or 6666 – Material world, chosen reality.

777: Symbolizes an integration of some portion of the four lower bodies with higher spiritual frequencies within the third-dimensional plane, or at level in which you are manifesting your physical reality on the Earth plan

888: Symbolizes infinity – The unified Spiral of the physical merging with the Spiritual – Moving toward the completion of the ascension process through the energies of the 222 and 444.

999: Symbolizes the three levels of the triune – Completion

000: Great Void – Experiencing a null zone – switching or moving into a new energy field.

11:11 – Beginning of a whole new level or phase of development – another dimension or frequency of experience – A Portal Way Opening.

12:12 – A Cosmic Connection – A bridge to the future – Signifies a level of completion or graduation.

Pay attention to clocks, license plates, perhaps what you were doing at the time you saw that particular number…what were you thinking, etc. I have found these to be very much a signal or sign after I have asked a question, etc.