"I had a derailing experience that I was truly at a loss to solve.  You assessed the problem and came with tools, wisdom, and openness to bring order, balance and peace to the situation.  I am ever grateful for your support and your willingness to serve for the higher good of all concerned.  Thank you again and again.  Many blessings to you and those you are teaching."   -Anna

"I have been very blessed to have known you in my life.  Your spiritual wisdom has helped me on my path.  In addition, your strong personal courage and love for others has transferred into me and allowed me to be a better person.  Thank you for all you do for your fellow beings.  You are an inspiration to us all!"   -Corine

"After one reading with Angela, my life seems much richer due to me having more knowledge about where I'm from, my guides and helpful tools. I've received many readings, but Angela's reading was at a whole new level, introducing me to a wonderfully different outlook on my life. I look forward to more readings from Angela!"   - Marci C.

"Your insights and reading were so amazing: I received great insight into my purpose and path.  Thank you and bless you for your talent and inspiration."   -Carole

"Angela, I can say that both works you channeled for me have been of help to my growing path, mainly to became conscious of my values, which has been rather difficult during my life. I'm very much grateful for your generosity, mainly when you had just gotten to known me."   -Haydee

"From the first time I met you Angela, I knew there was something special about you. After being a student of your ancient teachings I know now what that special something is. It is wisdom, friendship, and unconditional love for people. I have witnessed this for myself. You have made a major difference in my life for the better, and given me a clearer understanding of why we come to Earth: to evolve and climb the spiritual ladder to Heaven. Forever grateful."   -Jane