Events & Workshops



Spirit Speaks, Radio Show at on the 7th Wave Network.



Celestial Communication, Heal Thy Self, The Body, Meditation, Chakras,

Kundalini, Teachings of Light, Synchronicity, The Divine Feminine

The Heart and Love, Angels of Light, Christ, Truth and Consciousness.

~  Custom designed Workshops and Seminars upon request.


Celestial Communication Workshop:

This Workshop offers you the opportunity to learn to open your

Soul’s records and to see with clarity from the Image Nation – Imagination.

We will explore the Spiritual vs. Carnal Mind and learn to recognize Synchronicity as it happens.  “To Know Thy Self” is to learn to understand your Symbols, Dreams,

Numbers, Patterns and much more.  This is a Participant Workshop involving you

in a Pyramid Meditation and teaching you to do Atlantean Hands.


Special Group Sessions:

Group Channeled Soul Readings – Groups of 4-6 people

Shamanic Journeying – Groups of 4-6 people


Traditional Usui Ryoho Shiki Reiki – I, II, & Master Level Classes

Groups of 3-6 people

Reiki I – $100.00, Reiki II – $200.00, Master Level – $400.00


Spirit Group Meetings:

If you are interested in attending this local Group –



“Go in Peace, walk with Grace.”    ~  Amayah

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